RagePixel is now officially open-source with the MIT license.

If you wan’t the very latest version or feel like contributing to the project, go to the GitHub.

Ludum Dare #23


RagePixel is very powerful tool in fast prototyping and gamejam scenarios. I attended the recent Ludum Dare 48h compo and was really pleased with the way my game turned out.

It’s a humorous game called Copulous, where you collect coins and avoid running over rabbits.

Play here

Forums Are Back

Forums were run down by evil spambots, but now it’s finally back up. The old data is lost, though.

I (the sole developer of this project) am also starting a full-time job at Unity next month. This means that there’s no time needed to move this project forward as planned. Read more from my blog.

This doesn’t mean the death of RagePixel so let’s keep pushing those pixels! Almost 2000 downloads already.

One Thousand

RagePixel hit 1000 downloads last night. It took approximately 12 days to reach this milestone. There seems to be no showstopper bugs in the v0.5, which is great, but there’s still many things to improve. Keep posting those awesome RagePixel powered games in the forum showcase. They are a huge motivational boost.

RagePixel Launched!

RagePixel is a free pixelart toolkit for Unity. It is finally launched for public beta. You can grab it from the download -section. RagePixel is still in its infancy. You have a great opportunity to influence on development and upcoming features. Join the forum and let your voice be heard!

It’s time to push some pixels!